An Idea called Antar Prerna

Antar Prerna is as much a book as it is an idea. The book is a 254-page business memoir penned by serial entrepreneur Parag Shah. The idea is defiantly simple. Antar = inner, Prerna = inspiration. (Not only does that sum up being an entrepreneur, it even sounds like the word.)

Parag believes entrepreneurs are made, not born. And after 32 years of entrepreneurship, this book just proves it. Thumb through his failures, successes, and practical advice that can only come from someone who’s made it as an entrepreneur in India.

Self-help tools

Self-help tools to bring out the Antar Prerna in every entrepreneur

At the end of every chapter, you will find a few tools given to assist you in your journey as an entrepreneur. An assessment here, a quiz there, a PR worksheet, marketing blueprint, even sample customer survey forms… What more could you want?

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Book Excerpts

Entrepreneurship ideas in a book

Flicking the dust off the precise crease on the sleeve of my white cotton shirt, the one my mother had carefully starched for me last night, I waited. I remained glued to my seat, too nervous to leave in case I missed a customer. The only face I saw was my own, reflected in the small mirror in one corner of the six by eight foot cubicle of my newly opened shop.

After sunset, I locked the doors and trudged, despondent, down the three floors of the nondescript building on Laxmi Road, which held my office cum photo finishing lab. Did I know anything about printing colour photographs? No! But I did know quite a bit about black and white photography. It didn‘t help me much that day or in the days to come. I had yet to receive my first customer.

The Author

A serial entrepreneur in a nutshell

Prof. Parag Shah is the Founder Chairman and the Founder Director of Foundation for Liberal and Management Education (FLAME). He is currently the Chief Mentor of MIDAS an acronym for Management, Innovation, Design, Arts and Social Sciences.

He is also the Managing Director of Oxford Golf and Country Club, ranked the best Golf Course in India and 1st in Asia as well. His passion for his work is reflected in the series of successful ventures he has initiated that are now successful businesses.

Mr. Shah has completely changed the way entrepreneurship education is done by combining strategy, critical thought and innovation in his entrepreneurship courses. Prof. Shah is a passionate educationist and a teacher. He has so far taught and mentored over 200 students to become entrepreneurs.

Mr. Shah is on the jury of international innovation centers. He has delivered a series of lectures in several universities in India, UK and USA. He has been a keynote speaker in the Vice Chancellors’ conference and has done path-breaking work in the field of education.

He has been awarded the ‘Visionary Leadership Award’ by the DNA Group. His work has been published in several magazines and books. Two of his short stories are being published in the book ‘Chicken Soup and the Entrepreneurs Soul’.

An entrepreneur’s journey

First entrepreneurial venture
A 11-yr old Parag organizes a neighbourhood cricket tourney, breaking even in Year Two.

Photographic Business
Parag lays the foundation stone for a successful chain of photofinishing labs.

Photophone India
Appointed distributor for Konica, increases their market share from 2% to 20% within 3 years.

Nestle Vending
Appointed distributor for Nestlé’s new line of vending machines, becomes India’s biggest distributor.

Florida Estates
Develops 80-acre gated community with 120 villas and 400 apartments at Keshav Nagar, a quiet Pune suburb.

Digital Startup
Serves on the board of digital startup and health portal

FLAME (Foundation for Liberal and Management Education)
Co-founded FLAME University, an institute of higher education that is challenging the conventional approach to learning.

MIDAS (Management, Innovation, Design, Arts & Social Sciences)
A visionary entrepreneurship institute with eight international incubation centers and a joint degree program with Mondragon University, Spain.

Success Quotes

Successful entrepreneur quotes


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